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We have a few roles to fill please!

Published: December 17, 2021 We have a few roles to fill please!

Everyone's Theatre Company is hoping to fill a few roles please!

Chez Wallington consists of short scenes written by Jay Hanagan that take place inside an upscale urban restaurant.

Performance dates are April 7,8,9 and 10th to be performed at Muccc at 142 Atlantic Ave 14607.

Rehearsal dates will be arranged by mutual availability by cast and director. This production was slated for April of 2020 but had to be halted because of the pandemic shutdown. The show is now back in production with all the scene directors and most of the original casts - with exception to a few roles that need to be recast.

Auditions will take place on January 25 and 27 at St Anne's church ' - 1600 Mt Hope Ave

Arrive 6:30pm - scripts will be available to peruse at that time. 7-8pm - auditions/readings.

Covid precautions are mandatory - everybody involved in this production must be vaccinated, show proof of vaccination and wear masks at all rehearsals.

Performances at Muccc currently are same except that the performers do not have to be masked - this is subject to change by NYS guidelines.

And HERE are the roles to be filled

Auditioning for the role of "Robin" in “A Calamari Out of Water”. Directed by Deb Tompkins Character: Female - late 20’s-mid 30’s.

Plot: Robin and Meg have been waiting forever to get reservations at Chez Wallington. When they finally get there, Chuck and Gil have a very different plan. Will they enjoy their evening out together or will their plot be foiled?

Auditioning for the role of "Mildred" in " Speed Date" and "Speed Date 2: Support Hose"
Character: Female 20's-50's. NOTE: The character of Mildred must be able to be in both Speed Date and Speed Date 2

Auditioning for the role of "Giacomo" and "Maurice" - would like this to be the same person Character: Male 20-50's
NOTE: The character of "Giacomo" is a full makeup Clown - being able to do clown tricks a plus the character of "Maurice" is a sock puppet - a bad french accent and being able to kneel for about 10 minutes a plus.

Directed by Amanda Lobaugh

Plot: It's a speed date - what could possibly go wrong?

Auditioning for the role of "Gwen" in "A Soldier's Heart" Directed by Paul Scheib Character: Female any age

Auditioning for the roles of "Tucker" and "Dot" in "Question Never Asked" Directed by Al Young Characters: Female (Age 20 to 40) - Fiancee Male - (Age 20 to 40) Fiance

Plot: A play which looks at communication between couples or, the lack of it. She's very pregnant, and he's oblivious.

Auditioning for the role of " Mr Greene" in "Critical Mass" Directed by Al Young Characters: Mr. Greene - Patron at Chez Wallington

Plot: Mr. and Mrs. Greene are out for their anniversary dinner and get a special visit from the Chef to commemorate the event. Then things get interesting.

NOTE: All characters except for Mr. Greene have already been cast. The important factor is how well the couples work together

stay safe and thank you!

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