Chez Wallington

Venue: MuCCC - 142 Atlantic Ave

Everyone's Theatre Company, Inc. is very excited to announce the cast of our 2022 presentation of "Chez Wallington!".

Speed Date

 Mildred – Sarah Hart
 Giacomo – Ken Klamm

Speed Date II

 Mildred – Sarah Hart
 Maurice/Monique – Ken Klamm
 Date – Schuyler Kelley

Just Say It Already

 Molly – Kathy Coughenour
 Yolonda – Laurel Schneiderman
 Seymour – Carl Webster
 Rude Patron – Schuyler Kelly

Heart of Gold

 Barry – Matt Ralyea
 Helena – Lory Love Restivo

Soldier’s Heart

 Molly – Kathy Coughenour
 Yolonda – Laurel Schneiderman
 Gwen – Meagan Zdep
 Lance – David Broadnax

A Calamari Out of Water

 Robin – Gabriella Nozik
 Meg – Charlene Beckwith
 Chuck – Schuyler Kelly 
 Gil – Joey Campagna

An Act of Kindness

 Yolanda – Laurel Schneiderman
 Molly – Kathy Coughenour
 Darin – Devon Woodward

Critical Mass

 Molly – Kathy Coughenour
 Chef Boiardeux – Charles Palella
 Harlene DeCryer – Suzanne Bell
 Mr. Greene – Al Young Jr
 Mrs. Greene – Mary Reynolds​

Question Never Asked

  Tucker - Joey Campagna
 Dot -  Meagan Zdep